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Rental House:
Mail info@prismaland.de
Tel +49 421 161 46 586

Movie Gaffer:
Mail grilli@prismaland.de
Tel +49 176 7740 9340

Rental House


Welcome to Prismaland!

As professional partner, we provide technical equipment for high-end film industry.
We support your storytelling with technology and creativity.
Our rental and consulting service is tailored to your individual needs.
Prismaland offers lighting and grip equipment for rent for film shoots, Prismaland offers workshops and consultations for
/ lighting design,
/ energy management for green productions
/ safety on the set.
Our foundation in 2020 is based on very extensive filming experience and constantly updated know-how.
If you are looking for quality and care for your projects, Prismaland will be happy to support you!

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